16 Real Tourist Complaints That Will Make You Face Palm


The first time your parents loaded you into the car and hauled you off to camp you were bitter. Why in the heck would the people who were supposed to love you be ready to abandon you in the woods for two weeks? It was criminal! Then, you got there and you met your bunkmates and you realized the gift you’d been given. You got a few precious weeks to commune with Mother Nature, learn the finer points of crafting, archery, and rowing. It was a time you treasure to this very day, gone too soon, but always dear. It was camp, and it’s equipped you with a set of skills and memories that are unlike anything else.

1. You Have Two Sets Of Friends

Ah, the camp bestie, the person who believed all that malarkey you shoveled them about how wonderful your non-camp life was. Did you know back home you’re cool, and not the awkward nerd with pasty legs? Yeah, so are they.