3 Reasons You Should Check Your LinkedIn Profile Views More Often

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LinkedIn has become an incredibly powerful tool for every job seeker. The world’s most popular professional platform has helped bring employers and professionals together, bridging the geographical gap and making communication with prospective recruiters easier and more effective.

In fact, a recent report from DMR shows that LinkedIn currently has 400 million users worldwide, – 70 percent of which are outside the US, and is used in more than 200 countries and territories. This number proves that many professionals around the world have already recognised the importance of being part of the LinkedIn community and how crucial it is in terms of career development and success.

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But what made LinkedIn so successful is the fact that it is unique from other social networks.

If you think about it, neither Facebook or Twitter have the feature of ‘Who Viewed Your Profile’ and even if they did it wouldn’t be as significant as it would be for LinkedIn users. This is because you use LinkedIn for two main reasons; a) to expand your professional network and b) to find a job. So, you wouldn’t use it to see who’s stalking you, and on LinkedIn you will need to use this tool wisely.

The ‘Who Viewed Your Profile’ feature has been made available by LinkedIn for a reason. While it has been in use for a long time now, not everyone is taking advantage of it the right way. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is a tool that allows you to check who sees your profile on a daily/weekly basis and as such gives you a clear image of what type of professionals are interested in you and searching for you online. Apart from that, it also allows you to better understand your connections – who are they, where they are from, what industry they are in as well as what their professional background is.

So here’s why you should check your LinkedIn views more often:

1. To Check Your Profile’s Visibility

A powerful LinkedIn profile only attracts the right people. The use of keywords on your summary description and in the skills that you put down as your main strengths is what determines how strong your LinkedIn profile is. The right keywords are what brings traffic to your page. So when employers are searching for a ‘social media manager’ they would be directed to a profile that includes keywords such as ‘online marketing’, ‘advertising’, ‘social media’.

If your profile doesn’t get enough views, then it might mean that you need to make it more relevant to the industry you are hoping to get into. The Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature can be useful as it tells you who you are getting views from and help you change your branding strategy.

2. To See How You Connect With People

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Using the tool can easily help you figure out how your connections have come to your profile and what they are looking to find in you. You can check this out as LinkedIn provides crucial information about them including their job title and the company they work for. Apart from that, it also allows you to see how you and other people connect. So you might have a mutual connection, or haven given your business card to an employer who later checked you out your LinkedIn page. Perhaps you went to the same high school or lived in the same area while you were a college student.

This is incredibly handy when searching for a job. If you have already applied for a job, you can check if people from the same company are trying to get more information about you. So, the tool gives you more insight into how you are doing as a job seeker as well as how close you are to landing your next job.

3. To Get Found for the Right Opportunity

Checking who has viewed your profile is more beneficial than you think. As a jobseeker, this feature could help you make more connections and get you closer to job opportunities that aren’t advertised online or job openings only employers would know about. So this feature can work both ways. Instead of having to spend hours searching LinkedIn for a good match – an employer you would want to work for – you let other professionals come to you.

This feature allows them to take a peek at your profile and assess whether you are a connection that is worth having and vice versa. So they can view your profile, and you can view theirs. If there is anything that stands out or you want to share with the other person, you can easily start a conversation by commenting on something you have in common. This is how LinkedIn works, and it’s one of the things that makes it so useful for professionals.

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Your LinkedIn profile views essentially tell you who’s been stalking you on LinkedIn. People stalk you on LinkedIn because they might want to meet you and who knows even hire you. So, wouldn’t it be worthwhile to check who’s viewed your profile once in a while?

Are you a LinkedIn user? How useful do you find this feature? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.