Astronaut Forgotten on Moon 40 Years Ago, Found Alive


Houston| NASA has confirmed that their latest space mission with russian help, achieved to recover Captain William Sly, an american astronaut forgotten on the moon by the Appollo-17 mission more than 40 years ago.

“We sincerely feel horrible” explains NASA public relation secretary, Wenda Metternich. “It’s true that he always was so vapid and forgettable that it’s not entirely surprising that they forgot him there, but that no one noticed that he was missing in the forty years he was there, not even his wife or children…; that’s unacceptable!”

The poor man was abandonned with very little food and almost no equipment on the lunar ground, when the rest of the crew left to go back to Earth. He achieved to survive by recycling the water in his urine and by eating a mix of lunar rat meat and moondust, which ended up grinding his teeth to dust over the years.

The worst thing seems to have been the numerous years of loneliness, as he spent most of his time playing solitaire and masturbating. The experience seems to have left important physical and psychological conséquences on the poor man, who will be hospitalized for a few days until more tests are done to evaluate his state.