Bali’s Two Port Stops, Portals to a World of Sights


padangbai pdBali is an island that features two different port stops for cruise ships. These different stops each provide visitors with the opportunity to see unique things around the island. So, keep this in mind when booking your cruise trip to Bali.

One of the stops is the port of Benoa, Bali. This port often requires the bigger ships to dock offshore from the island. Access is granted through a cruise terminal that is connected to the island. Once there, it is necessary to take a taxi to get to some of the main sites in this area. It is recommended to negotiate the price ahead of time. You should also be prepared for the heavy traffic of the port.

The Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the sites you can visit from this port. The monkey forest offers a chance to see the Balinese long-tailed macaques as well as sacred trees. The forest also features a Hindu temple. There is an entrance fee for this site.

Another place to see the animals of Bali up close is the Elephant Safari Park. This park lets you get close to the elephants and view them in their natural habitat. There are also accommodations for staying at this park.

From Benoa, you can also get to the many craft villages. These villages feature different skills used by the artisans. Here you can find woodworkers, gold- and silversmiths in the village of Celuk. Weaving and handcrafted prints are among the other things showcased in these villages.

You can also reach the capital city of Bali, Denpasar. This city has lots of different art museums, stores and restaurants, as well as a chance to partake in different water sports.

The other cruise ship stop is at Padangbai (pictured). This small town also has a cruise terminal that is offshore as the bay itself is inaccessible to larger ships.

This cruise port is also close to many of the craft villages that you can find in Indonesia. These local craft villages feature different works by the artisans.

Several temples are accessible from this port’s location. One of them is the Kehen temple. This is an 11th century Hindu temple that has a carving of a stone demon. The Besakih Mother Temple is built on a mountainside and offers views of the ocean. It is also a highly decorated place to look at. The Tirta Gangga water temple is a royal temple that is surrounded by different water features.

The local wildlife in the area can be seen with a visit to the Bat cave temple.

These are Bali’s two port stops for the island. While you won’t be able to dock directly on the island, there is access to many of the sites in Bali.