Can You Guess Which GOP Candidate Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson Supports for 2016?


The Robertson Duck Dynasty family has been no stranger to politics. Almost all of the cast members have injected themselves into the political realm in some capacity.

So it shouldnt be surprising that Willie Robertson is openly showing support for one of the 2016 GOP candidates. And considering the Robertsons all call Louisiana their home, it shouldnt be surprising they support their Republican Governor.

If you guessed Governor Bobby Jindal, you guessed correctly.

Via the New Star.

Jindal and the Robertsons have grown close during the governors second term. He presented the family with his inaugural Governors Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, appeared on an episode of Duck Dynasty and perhaps only half jokingly said Willie would make a good running mate.

The governor also publicly defended patriarch Phil Robertson when he was briefly suspended from the show because of comments critical of homosexuality.

Im excited about Bobby jumping in the race, Robertson said. I think hes a smart guy and a spiritual guy, which is one of the reasons we relate so closely to him.

Bobby Jindal joins a large field in the GOP primary. Hes got quite a hill to climb. But it sounds like hell be climbing that hill with the support of the Robertson family.