Celebrity Cruises Updates Ad Campaign With Political Message


There has been an increase in travel companion companies popping up, that offer a 24/7 companion for elderly people who need the assistance but don’t necessarily suffer from any health issues or need a medical companion.

The idea is that the companion is there from start to finish, to help the elderly person do things like get through security at the airport, deal with luggage, and take in sights that they want to see at their destination. The companion can stay in an adjoining hotel room and be available for whatever might be needed.

The services don’t run cheap, but for people who have the money and an increased about of time to travel in their older age it can be the ideal solution. It can also be a good option when an elderly person is traveling with other family members who don’t have the time to focus solely on them, say for example the group is also traveling with children.

The companion can be there to make sure that the grandparent is having all of their needs met without them having to rely on any of their family to do it. The service is relatively new although seems like it has a lot of potential. Right now many of the companies that provide the service are medical companion services that saw the white space in the market for non medically related companion services as well.